Friday, 18 February 2011

Elephant Graveyard exhibition at Urban Outfitters, Bristol

Excited to be a part of this exhibition curated by Adam Ruff and Liam Barratt. 

'An exhibition of the finest illustration from the South-west and London @ Bristol's branch of Urban Outfitters. DJ's & free booze!' 

My work will be on sale next to the work of... drum roll please... Ben Aslett, Bjorn Lie, Tom Boswell, Liam Barrett, Ben Newman, Clare Owen, Jacob Stead, Iain Sellar, Jack Hudson, Owen Gately, Jack Teagle, Louis Carter, Zeroten, Adam Ruff, Joe Waldron, Ian Crossland, Imogen Bradbury, Bett Norris, Chandra Almedia, Jay Wright, Laurie Rollit, Claire Duffy, James Green, Nat Obsorne. Wow! It's sure to be wonderful!

PV on 3rd March 2011, see you there! Poster design by Liam Barratt


Amy Hood said...

I love the one of the girl in the woods! Amazing stuff. Congrats!

abigail pamela mckenzie said...

Thanks so much x